Paul Oja


In the beginning there was a Amiga500 computer and unhealthy interest in sampling other people’s music. Later, the samples started going through an MPC sampler and the variety of influences increased at least ten times. When starting out, young Paul was into rock and hip-hop and by the mid-nineties basically every sub-genre of modern electronic music. Surprisingly enough, the first outcome was house music, together with a fellow electronica enthusiast Madis Nestor, they formed a dj-ing and producing powerhouse Ritmos Liquidos. Local hip-hop impresario DJ Critikal described the duo’s production as Gangsta House. Paul also held on to his hip-hop roots with local rap collective Toe Tag, producing all of their music. At the same time, he has been making tracks or remixes for almost every hip-hop artist that has been active in Estonia. Paul’s solo material ranges from mellow downtempo tunes to rugged rock or electro influenced mayhem. Same goes for his DJ sets. You can hear everything from hip-hop to rock, from electro to house. Once a week he can be heard on Raadio 2, where he is hosting a show called “Programm”.

Paul’s debut EP on Emerald City is a 4-track powerhouse which comes with banging bass-heavy beats, borrowing from 90s rave and rnb. You can hear the big rooms and festivals meet the pulsing sweaty underground basements, like Dr. Dre and The Prodigy hanging out in a strip club with the ghost of Keith Moon throwing 808 dollar bills at girls who are wearing Daft Punk helmets and haven’t slept since the 90’s..