Estonian-born Firejosé aka Mark Stukis pondered into the electronic music world in the 1990s, gradually moving from listening to records to going to raves to DJing, falling in love with drum’n’bass. After years of spinning and producing solely in one genre he started to grow tired of it. His adventures would take him to jungles of Central America, where cut off from modern trends of electronic music, he started crafting his own style. After moving back to civilization and coming in touch with the music scene again, he slowly started spreading his work. His sound is always on the deeper end of the musical spectrum but also with a dancefloor tip, the production style of tracks on his debut – Yellow Lanes EP – have drawn comparisons to the likes of Floating Points and Joy Orbison. His musical influences range from Arvo Pärt to Rage Against the Machine, from Bjork to The Prodigy, from Kompakt to Metalheadz, from J Dilla to Zed Bias. DJ-ing wise you will not be disappointed also – Firejose has a solid background in double dropping dnb dubplates – a skill which he has brought over to these unfamiliar territories he is exploring musically now.

Yellow Lanes EP available digitally and on a limited edition 12″ vinyl