DJ Quest

A classically trained pianist and choir conductor, Quest took a turn off the tracks that would have led to a career in the world of classical music and started to buy vinyl to accompany his cassette and CD collection that had included everything from Mahler’s symphonies to Nas to Michael Jackson to Nirvana to The Prodigy up to that point. Being introduced to hip-hop at an early age when the whole scene in Estonia was taking it’s first steps and the music was almost impossible to obtain, things changed for Quest when he met the members of the “North Crew” – a group of hip-hop enthusiasts – in 1995.

Around the year 2000 he teamed up with DJ-s Critikal and Paul Oja, forming a DJ-crew which became known as / Check One Two. In 2001 the website was launched, which quickly became the most popular youth-orientated site on the whole Estonian internet. At the same time party series called Check One Two (still a monthly event running for 10+ years) and were launched, the latter in the now legendary Club Spirit, considered as one of the first truly successful hip-hop club party series in Estonia, paving the way into clubs for many other hiphop/rnb/nu-soul events. Quest was also the resident DJ of “Brown Sugar”, which can be considered as the first ever monthly club event focused on RnB and soul music in Estonia. Soon the crew would take control of managing most of the hip-hop related events in Tallinn, kick off the very first official Estonian MC Battle and start a weekly radio show called “The Program” on a commercial station EnergyFM (moved to Estonian National Radio’s Raadio2 in 2003). Quest is also one of the few Estonians who have ever been invited to participate in the Red Bull Music Academy (Seattle 2005) and invited to play at the biggest European electronic music festival Sonar Festival in Barcelona. Nowadays he is also producing a lot more music of his own and runs a small independent record label called Emerald City, which is focusing on releasing music from noteworthy Estonian artists.

The cornerstone of his DJ-sets is a tasteful blend of hip-hop, rnb and nu-soul. Depending on the party, you can also hear soul, funk, disco, house, broken beat, rock, dancehall reggae, breaks and even dnb or dubstep – as he labels it himself – “whatever’s soulful, whatever makes you dance”. Besides playing at the best clubs in Estonia, his DJ skills have also taken him on regular trips to Baltics, all over Europe, United States and Asia. During the recent years he has also received an increasing number of invites to give lectures about DJ-ing, production and the music business.