Avoid Dave

Avoid Dave is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/guitarist Taavi Paomets. After years of working with alt-rock band Aides and songwriting for and performing with artists such as Ott Lepland, Liis Lemsalu, Artjom Savitski and August Hunt, you could say that Taavi definitely has an ear for mixing infectious grooves with melodies that have almost a pop-like catchiness. After we learned that other than writing arguably some of the best tracks for albums by many Estonian artists, he also has a computer full of solo material that has this totally original sound and is nothing short of amazing in production quality, we quickly agreed to put out his solo EP.

“Erasing Frames EP” is a soul-inspired journey into electronica with infectious grooves, backed by simple yet deep harmonies, infused with Dave’s vocals. Even though we can’t really draw any comparison to any other Estonian artist because he doesn’t sound like any other artist we know in Estonia, yet there is still something very distinctively Estonian about his sound.